is a start-up company in the Netherlands focused on the design, development, sales and service of state-of-the-art elite, performance sports, fitness and medical products. HAEYVEN has developed the ANTAGONIST®, a unique, patent-pending, bi-directional, full-body strength and cardio training device. The HAEYVEN team is honored to introduce the company and its innovative product.

Multiple training options:

• Strength / cardio training
• High-speed strength training
• Warm-up/Cool-down
• Regeneration and rehabilitation training
• Movement analysis


The ANTAGONIST® is an absolutely new, innovative and international patent pending full body strength and cardio training device for bi-directional and uni-directional training. With unique bi-directional movements, agonist and antagonist muscle groups are trained simultaneously.
Countless exercise variations, fully adjustable for bidirectional and unidirectional training of all muscle groups, enable both full body workouts and targeted training of individual muscles. Multi-directional cables allow bi-directional and uni-directional movement / training in any direction. Unlimited custom workout options (e.g. hand grips, bars, leg straps, vests, benches, boxes, balance plates, wheelchair, etc.).
Flywheel resistance allows you to increase power at your own pace during your workout. The resistance responds instantly to the force applied during the workout to vary the intensity. Furthermore, the flywheel resistance provides less impact load and thus relieves the joints. The user-initiated, quick response bidirectionality warms, loosens, raises heart rate, burns calories and builds muscle quickly and effectively – get ready to sweat and feel great!

Bidirectional Training

The ANTAGONIST® offers a unique bi-directional training, where agonist and antagonist muscle groups are trained simultaneously. This bi-directional training is possible as a whole body workout or a targeted workout of individual muscles.

The bi-directional training allows push / pull exercises simultaneously, enabling balanced training of the agonist and antagonist muscle groups. The training is more effective, requires less time compared to conventional training methods and burns more calories. Furthermore, the opposing muscle groups are trained symmetrically and balanced, thus preventing asymmetrical muscle development.

The bi-directional full-body concept sets new standards for all-in-one training and replaces several pieces of equipment traditionally required for a complete training circuit.

Flywheel Training

Whether you are looking to increase athletic performance, prevent injury, rehabilitate or improve overall health and fitness, bi-directional and uni-directional flywheel training with the ANTAGONIST® offers a number of benefits.

Flywheel training offers many advantages over traditional training. It combines and increases the effectiveness of your strength and cardio training, through individual power adjustment during the workout according to the force applied. The resistance responds instantly to the intensity applied during the workout to vary the resistance. Furthermore, the flywheel resistance provides less impact loading, minimizing the risk of injury.
The ANTAGONIST® can be used by athletes and therapists for a wide range of training applications. Understand the benefits in your area. Learn about the different areas such as performance, fitness and medical where flywheel training can be used.

Degree of Innovation & Unique Selling Proposition

ANTAGONIST® is a unique and internationally patent pending innovation that is modeled after human nature in that it is capable of training both agonists and antagonists simultaneously.

The ANTAGONIST® not only promotes full-body cardio and strength training, but also allows you to focus on individual muscle groups thanks to its bi-directional flywheel technology. The ANTAGONIST® is perfect for HIIT as well as HILIT training due to its bi-directional flywheel technology.

User Motivation

The ANTAGONIST® was developed with elite and performance sports in mind and offers professional athletes as well as ambitious recreational athletes innovative training methods. The diverse training functions offer not only the athlete but also the patient in rehabilitation a motivating option as cardio and strength training equipment for a comprehensive and varied workout. The ANTAGONIST® can also be used for warm-up/cool-down. Furthermore, due to its measurement function, it serves as an assessment and diagnostic tool of physical asymmetries. The revolutionary bi-directional flywheel technology is gentle and naturally low impact, which greatly reduces the risk of injury. This brings a tremendous advantage in rehabilitation at all stages of recovery.

Quality & Design

The ANTAGONIST® features a unique machine design with powder-coated metal and stainless steel. Rugged yet lightweight 360 degree rotating arms, injection molded flywheel covers to control airflow, a state of the art screen and cutting edge software complete the unique design.

Ease of Use & Functionality

The ANTAGONIST® offers an unforgettable training experience combined with unparalleled efficiency and ease of use due to its bi-directional function. Intuitive cable training with ergonomic, interchangeable handles result in simple yet effective use. The ability to perform strength and cardio training simultaneously dramatically reduces the typical time and space requirements of comparable equipment, while improving control and safety and promoting symmetry and balance. A clearly defined training zone inside the equipment facilitates use for standard applications and is also suitable for wheelchair access. The footprint of 2m x 2m allows for installation in gyms, rehabilitation centers and private homes. There are no comparable products that are so effective and so much fun!


The bi-directional, full-body concept sets a new standard for all-in-one training, replacing multiple machines traditionally required for a complete training circuit. Priced close to other high-end commercial products, the ANTAGONIST® provides cardio and strength training in one machine with nearly infinite workout options, eliminating the need for multiple machines. The rugged modular construction and its design for easy service/maintenance, extends life and reduces total cost of ownership.


Ecology & Sustainability

The ANTAGONIST® replaces a variety of equipment required to achieve similar results. This breaks the entire supply chain of typical machine manufacturers, resulting in less consumption of finite resources. In addition, the longevity of the ANTAGONIST® reduces the need for replacement and requires only calories for fuel!

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